Toilets and Car Parking

The two topics in the headline seem to be dominating the conversation at the moment. I can’t do much about the first, but car parking has been a pain point for customers for years. In over 20 years of place management, I have seen a number of schemes try, and fail, to drive location footfall and loyalty. I have now seen a solution which I believe is a real game changer, because it tackles the parking issue head on. So much so, that I felt compelled to get involved with the business and, just to declare my interest, I now sit on a highly experienced and talented Board of Directors (which also happens to include a former Dragon from Dragons’ Den who has backed the business with investment and is actively involved).

Even before COVID-19, the solution was geared up to help reinvigorate the High Street. In the light of recent months, it has now been enhanced with specific features to help address some of the key issues that the post lockdown situation has created.

We know that you will need to directly engage with your town centre users to help with social distancing measures now.
But we are also aware of the many challenges facing BIDs:
• the need to support local businesses recover from the COVID-19 situation
• the need to help with social distancing measures, provide key and timely information to town centre users and help restore confidence
• cash flow problems and the very real threat of reduced Levy income over the long term
• a changing and challenging landscape and how to define the purpose of the High Street in the longer term

We have an innovative, unique, multi award-winning solution that will accelerate the recovery of your location in the short term and help you shape its purpose for the long term.  It delivers the following benefits…
• immediately rewards Consumers for supporting their local High Street and incentivises their return
• increases revenues for local businesses
• fosters greater use of contactless payments to reduce the spread of the virus
• uses Smart Beacon technology to create a way for key stakeholders to directly engage with consumers to:
  o provide information and guidance about social distancing measures
  o garner feedback on their needs and concerns
  o incentivise uplifted spending
• includes the use of specific car parks / parking facilities to help with social distancing control
• dynamically encourages footfall on different days and at different times as necessary
• collects high volumes of powerful data that can be used to help deliver a greener agenda
• delivers aggregated and anonymised ‘SmartCities’ analysis and insight on when, where, why and by who your location is being used.
• creates a collaborative approach to recovery between the key stakeholders of the town centre – including the Local Authority, the BID, the town centre Merchants, other Car Park Operators, and the Consumers themselves

Our solution is called ParkingPerx. Did you see it on Dragon’s Den?

ParkingPerx rewards direct spending in offline, town centre businesses with a credit that can be used to reduce or eliminate parking costs.

We already have over 140 national retailers and brands where ParkingPerx can be earned, which gives us an anchor point in ANY High Street.
This is enhanced by working with the BID to add local, independent businesses to the scheme.

Our solution can be integrated with any existing Car Park Operators that offer contactless payment options and therefore we can implement the solution quickly to accelerate your recovery.

We are a Dragon backed business with over 100 years combined experience in our management team and Board including myself, the former CEO of a local authority, the former CEO of a City Centre BID, the CCO of a business driving 33m shopping events per month, a CEO listed in the top 50 business leaders named by Lloyds and the Telegraph, and a Founder shortlisted for the NatWest GB Entrepreneur of the Year.

I would urge you to give this some consideration and if it is of interest to contact the business’ founder Chris Reed directly via to find out more.


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