Summer “Activations”: 5 ideas to Attract the Consumer back to High Streets

As the people start to come back, and our town and city centre spring back into life, with the days are get longer, the temperatures rise (hopefully) we will need campaigns to entice people back.

Experiential campaigns are always the most successful, and we will need to find ways of doing that innovatively (and affordably) in order to:

  • Deliver reassurance messaging in innovative and engaging ways
  • Surprise and delight customers in unexpected settings and locations
  • Using the latest technology to deliver truly unforgettable experiences

Big brands do this as “Brand Activations”, like the familiar Coca Cola truck.  So, here are some ideas, from the low cost/no cost to those with deeper pockets, for longer lasting results.

Spring Garlands

A picture containing tree, flower, plant, decorated

Description automatically generatedIn Norwich from May 1st, we are launching a Spring Garlands campaign, asking traders to “dress” their doorways with displays.  They could be a simple as a wreath, and it does not need to be with flowers, real or otherwise.  One microbrewery is going to build in beer cans.  Can’t wait to see that one!  But the messages of hope, and a new beginning coming from floral displays that any business can participate in by just putting something on their door could be huge.

PS We’re not calling it a “Mayday” celebration in case the internet trolls liken us to the Titanic!

Cost:  To participating business from nothing for a homemade wreath to whatever you can afford.

 High Street Safari

We know High Streets are places that drawn people in not just to shop but to interact, enjoy, learn and play. The High Street Safari, successor to Monster Hero Safari, when over 100 places ran last summer to raise funds for NHS Charities Together.  The new Safaris work by utilising contactless QR codes, without the need for players to download an app or sign up to anything. The Safaris consists of 10 characters that venues, like local retailers, host.  What’s new this year is that when every family get to the end and gets their free eBook, they can upload a selfie and they appear in the book!  Bound to impress the kids.

There is a new one for Easter See

Cost: around £450 for a 10 location trail, including all the software, collateral design etc.

Circus Windows

Everyone has too many vacant windows!  How about this as something different!. Again, taking an example from Norwich, the BID is supporting a Circus company to put on performances in shop windows on Summer evenings, Thursday to coincide with late night shopping.  There will be 8 windows and three performances each night right through the Summer.  Including ones like this

Takkara Cards

Takkara is a card collection franchise with a twist.  You distribute FREE boxes of cards to your retailers for them to sell or give to their customers after a qualifying purchase.  You can set this locally to whatever you want, but they suggest £5 to get a free pack.  They will retail at 50p.

There are 50 unique cards to collect, including one ‘The Special One’ Card guaranteed in each location, which can be traded in for £250!  Not only that, every location will also have a specially created unique card our team will work with you to designed that reflects your area.  How much will that be worth?  The world record for a Pokémon card is for $195,000 (£152,000) sold at auction.

The launch date is schedule to coincide with the re-opening on non-essential retail in England in April. The first season of cards will be April to Sept. 

Costs: You subscribe at the introductory rate of £595 a month for 6 months and receive 1,000 packs a month, 40 boxes of 25 – for you to distribute free to your traders.  If you need more, it’s £45 per 100 extra packs (45p per pack).

Parking/Travel Perx

This scheme, launched in Sunderland last year, is being rolled out across the UK.  Watch their handy video to find out how ParkingPerx works for shoppers, starting with downloading the app, all the way through to earning Perx and using them to reduce or eliminate their parking charges.  It also works on public transport to with Travel Perx!

Costs:  £10k + but this is a long tern project.

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