Free Access to the NBCS Business Crime data share

The National Business Crime Solution, (NBCS) has taken two decisive steps that will transform access to crime and incident reports available to local Business Crime Initiatives:

  • Firstly, to make their data FREE to all BIDs and BCRPs.
  • Secondly, to collate and share local data.

These are massive steps in creating a truly national, central data set of criminality.

This is important for a number of reasons.  At the recent NBCS members day, hosted at Duxford in Cambs, we heard from Darren Conway of Sports Direct who made it plain that with restricted resources most national retailers will not be able or willing to report the same incidents up to four or five times.  For example, an incident of theft could get reported onto their local systems, to the NBCS, the local BCI and, of course the Police (online reports or 101).  He was very frank in saying that this was just not going to happen.  In fact, their internal research revealed that only a small proportion of all incidents were ever reported to the Police.  They, like many retailers, had just given up due to lack of response, huge waiting times on 101 etc.  Although they are currently taking steps to improve the rate of reporting.

This, of course, sparked an interesting debate about how resources follow need and if retail crime is not reported how will we ever get the recognition of the seriousness of not just the stock loss, but the negative experiences suffered by shop workers every day.

This is why the NBCS announcement is so significant.  All Sports Direct incidents are to be reported via the NBCS, and this will be cascaded down to local partnership at no cost.  This is being followed by other, national retailers, which could only be achieved by a not for profit with the reach of the NBCS, covering 90 High Street brands.

Pete Fisher made the offer free membership to BIDs and BCIs at a basic level to ensure that this crucial data is routinely shared.  This is an amazing offer, but clearly there is a hope that most BIDs and BCIs will follow the example of the early adopters, such as Solihull, Mansfield and Bristol BIDs etc. that we heard from on the day and join at least as a Silver member.  The full set of benefits are set out in the pdf below, I believe, make a compelling case, not least the value in networking regularly at such a high level with senior retail figures. What is not in the chart showing the benefits, are that, as a member, you will be supporting a not-for-profit organisation and helping them develop even better tools to defeat crime on our High Streets.

So, major retailers are increasingly no longer sharing with local initiatives, even those accredited to the new National Standards, but local partnerships can get these input directly into their local software via an API (initially with DISC).

The Silver & Gold memberships go way beyond just data sharing, offering the networking I’ve mentioned, but the support you will receive in reviewing and devising a business plan that will enable the NBCS to write to their members recommending a positive vote is crucial.

Finally, now that the NBCS is a National Standards Assessing body, with the offer of free assessment against the National Standards for those that join as Silver or Gold members before Christmas, this does seem to make a very compelling case. 

To take advantage of NBCS Membership please complete the application form below and they will get you on board ASAP.

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