Strategy Review

Reviewing your current strategy every few years is good practice. The world has a habit of moving the goalposts! This comprehensive review is in four parts.

Part 1: A desktop review of the existing strategy, reports, minutes and other documentary evidence.

Part 2: Interviews with key players to understand their opinions on the strategy.

Part 3: Coming together in a workshop to feedback initial findings and to hold detailed discussions on progress to date and consider course corrections and future direction. Finally, because you can’t look at any strategy in isolation,

Part 4: A detail report with recommendations will be presented at a final meeting to finalise the Strategy Map cover the following areas:



  • A comprehensive “fit for purpose” review to ensure that the organisation is running at optimum performance.
  • The establishment of a strategy & performance management framework will help focus on what’s important, get results and build trust.
  • The opportunity to engage with existing and potential stakeholders.
  • A Strategy Map that can be shared with stakeholders as a recruitment and retention tool.



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