Partnership Review

If you’ve had your partnership plan in place for a while, it’s probably time that it was independently reviewed. In this three part review you will get out in the open thoughts regarding the successes and a record of progress to date and note of any obstacles, issues or remaining frustrations. We will look at what are the important challenges faced by the trading area and consider if the current business plan is meeting those challenges.

When you know what’s important, it is also critical that you are realistic about what can be achieved. Understanding the dynamics of partnership will help you get the maximum support from existing and potential supports and partners. That might mean looking that the governance of the current partnership.

The exact nature and agenda of the one day programme that brings the key stakeholders together will be determined in discussion with you after interviews with some of the principle players and will be tailored to your unique circumstances. It is followed up by a comprehensive report and recommendations.



  • Getting out in the open the thoughts and views regarding the success and progress to date together with any frustrations.
  • The opportunity to engage with stakeholders.
  • A clear remit for action and, if necessary, change.
  • Creation of a document that can be used as a communications tool.



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