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As many people will be aware, I’ve been working on a new set of standards for BCRPs for over a year.  I am delighted to say that these are complete and have been adopted as national standards by the National Business Crime Centre and supported by Secure By Design, the official UK Police flagship initiative combining the principles of ‘designing out crime’.

These will be available online in the New Year as “open source” via the NBCC & SBD, which means that any business crime partnership will have free access to them to review and prepare an application; only applying when they feel ready!

It is only right to acknowledge the debt owed to those industry professionals that attended workshops and gave feedback on the draft as it evolved – so thanks to everyone that contributed.

The next stage will be to train suitably experienced individuals to undertake assessments.  Their recommendations will go to an independent Assessment Panel for review and sign off.  A situation that will ensure no organisation is put in the position of having to accredit its own subscription paying members, with no external oversight.

If you have been involved in BCRPs, you may that NABCP is closing its doors at the end of the month.  It was a source of great regret that NABCP strongly opposed, and encouraged its members to oppose, any new set of standards different to their own.  The fact was that these were no longer fit for purpose in simply looking at compliance.  The businesses that fund schemes, either directly by hiring a radio or indirectly via a BID (or both) increasingly wants to see evidence of the return on that investment.

Having an effective representative body for BCRPs is vital.  Having worked with the National Business Crime Solution, which was generous enough to fund the standards work, I am delighted to see that they are proposing to establish an independent body as an alternative to NABCP.  The NBCS, which represents 350,000 individual retail stores across the UK, is itself going through significant changes, with its separation from Cardinal Security.  They have representative members on the board who were voted in by its members.  These are from retail (Asda, Next, JD Group & Boots) as well as members from the NBCC / Policing and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC).  Under the new association arrangements a BCRP rep will also sit on the board of the NBCS.

For the first time a truly, local, regional, national structure will be created. The structure used is the same used by the Cross Sector Safety and Security Communication team and also the current Counter Terrorism Units across the UK. Not only that, it will deliver a raised profile with businesses and government, ensuring that the achievements and value the partnerships deliver is fully recognised.  These arrangements will give BCRPs a strong voice and a seat at the top table.

My understanding is that the new membership will cost £395 – and that includes accreditation to the new standard and a regional structure will facilitate networking, sharing of best practice, problem solving and an assessment model for the new standards.

Drop me a line to consult@martinblackwell.co.uk if you want a description of the new service or click here NBCS-national-association-for-BCRPs-v6

In short, I see this as a wonderful opportunity to reunite the industry.  So many partnerships refused to join NABCP for various reasons.  This gives us the opportunity to unite and speak with one voice.

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