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Over the past year I have been working with various Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRPs), and latterly the new National Business Crime Centre, NABCP and others to draft, for the first time, an agreed nation set of standards. Pressure for this has come from businesses that want to be sure that they are supporting the most effective partnerships. The new National Standards are to be published and therefore available to any BCRP to access. This will encourage them to prepare ahead of external accreditation. This will also provide reassurance to local police and the businesses that every BCRP can meet those minimum standards. These Standards cover,

  • Governance
  • Benefits
  • Communications
  • Systems and
  • Data Integrity

Final user trials conclude this week and the National Business Crime Centre (NBCC), which has been set up to provide a police-led centre of excellence, encourage innovation and co-ordinate national activity police and support for business, will publish in the coming weeks.

The NBCC is hosted by the Metropolitan Police as the National Lead is the Deputy Commissioner, but they are dedicated to business crime nationwide. They would like to ensure that all businesses have a role in steering the direction that the Centre takes. Much of the work that is anticipated will involve standardising the interaction between police and businesses across UK police forces, sharing best practice and strengthening partnerships. They will be the “home” of the new BCRP National Standards.

That could have huge benefits for local partnerships. Not least with a national information sharing agreement with all Police Forces, which would save a huge amount of duplication (except in Scotland where Retailers Against Crime are a national, not for profit crime, partnership and has it all sorted!).

The NBCC is not to be confused with the The National Business Crime Solution (NBCS), which is a ‘Not for Profit’ Initiative that provides a collaborative solution to more effectively tackle cross border, serious and organised crime affecting business.

To ensure the NBCC meets your needs you are invited you to respond to a questionnaire or make contact at NBCC@met.police.uk

The questionnaire asks only eight questions, such as what crimes are currently a challenge or concern for you or your businesses, what are your anticipated challenges from crime over the next two to five years, what are your views of existing crime reduction initiatives and partnerships and what is the most important thing the National Centre could do to support business.

The aim is to ensure all UK businesses have a role in steering the direction the Centre takes.


One thought on “Have Your Say on the New National Business Crime Centre

  • Martin, the NBCC is welcome addition to coordinate crime reduction programmes and initiatives across the Country. The BPA would love to work with NBCC as we deliver the Safer Parking Scheme, or Park Mark (R) to give it is public brand. ParkMark itself is a Police owned Crime Reduction programme, delivered by BPA on behalf of Police -Crime Prevention Initiatives. it has contributed to a significant reduction in vehicle crime and especially crime in public car parks, which have seen a 50% reduction in the years since ParkMark was launched by BPA in 2004. National coordination of ParkMark benefits to local Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRPs) would be very welcome to overcome the mixed reception and uptake of the Scheme around the UK. Some local authorities embrace ParkMark wholeheartedly, others claim lack of funds and resources to be part of the Scheme; all want to reduce crime and more importantly the fear of crime in public car parks. Most of Britain’s car parks are safe places – how would you know? ParkMark is a brand that people trust. Its Police Accredited Safer Parking – What more does a good town or city centre or need? ParkMark =, cleaner, brighter safer. Just as it should be. How can we help the NBCC to promote ParkMark?

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