Safety & Security in Town Centres


The phrase “digital disruption” is one that you are going to hear more of.

I first got involved in the Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications (CSSC) way back in 2012 in the run up to the Olympics in London.  The idea was that the place management community, especially BIDs could as Industry Sector Leads to pass information rapidly across the network in times of an emergency, but also pass along useful, timely and trusted information.  The phrase used is the “true voice”.  Apparently, you can’t always believe what you read in the paper or hear on the news!

So, the CSSC hub is a partnership between law enforcement agencies, local and national government organisations and private sector businesses.  There are many sector specific networks, but nothing like the BIDs network to cover the business community in a specific geography.

The CSSC has been revived due to the current state of the threats facing the UK.  When I was asked to be part of new trials in Eastern England I jumped at the chance.  Currently operational in London, Scotland and the Eastern Region, the project is set to expand across the UK in the future.  BIDs and business can register themselves now.

I believe BIDs have a role to play in helping businesses prepare for a number of issues that might affect their members.  Yes, a terrorist attack, but also other day to day issue such as cyber crime.

Working with Norwich BID, we helped spread the message that,

You don’t have to be a computer expert to avoid being a cybercrime victim. Follow us for online safety tips #GetSafeOnline

There followed a series of short videos on various topics.  These are great for everyone, including at home, and I heartily recommend them to you and suggest you share with colleagues, friends and family.  These include:

There is also a mass of advice at

I highly recommend the cyber crime training (I’ve done it, but that doesn’t make me a cyber criminal) organised by Natso.  To get a free session organised in your area asked to speak to your local Natso staff via the Police.

Again, lots of great guidance at  In particular a Crowded Places Guidance updated and intended to give protective security advice to those responsible for managing the security of crowded places.

Finally, the new National Standards for BCRPs are just about ready to go out via the National Business Crime Centre.  Watch this space.

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