BIDs & Business Crime: A Manifesto

Last week saw the publication and launch of BIDs & Business Crime: A Manifesto, which I was commissioned to write on behalf of retail industry business leaders, at Blackfriars in London.   With 60 guests, including government officials, BIDs organisations, but primarily retailers, the audience heard about the concerns of business about growing levels of crime Read more about BIDs & Business Crime: A Manifesto[…]

Revitalising Town Centres

Back in January 2017 the House of Commons debated on the future of town centres and high streets.  The LGA briefing at the time set out some of the challenges facing High Streets and town centres, stating, The future looks bleak as retail spending on high streets continues to decline, leading to an over-supply of Read more about Revitalising Town Centres[…]

A City Shared…

The term ‘sharing city’ is being adopted by a growing number of location across the world.  However, understanding what this means and looks like can be difficult. The phrase seems mean different things to different people and it as if there is an overlap between what makes a ‘sharing city’, a ‘smart city’ or a Read more about A City Shared…[…]

Apple has announced that it is renaming all its 500 stores worldwide as “Town Squares”.

Wow! I am really looking forward to going into my local store to see the Christmas lights being switched on this year. Anyone who thinks a true “public space” can be found online needs to get out more. Are Apple really in that much trouble, with stagnating growth and another hugely overpriced Apple phone the Read more about Apple has announced that it is renaming all its 500 stores worldwide as “Town Squares”.[…]

Market Towns: Harnessing the Power of the Collective

Smaller towns and High Streets can harness the Power of the Collective by working together; and we do need to work together.  The years since the Millennium have been described as a period of “creative destruction” as old ways of doing this change radically and at a pace never seen before.  When I was CEO Read more about Market Towns: Harnessing the Power of the Collective[…]