BCRP Development

Setting up a new Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP), or integrating an initiative into an existing BID structure, will be undertaken in 4 stages:

1.Desk review of document and past history,
2.Telephone or skype interviews with key stakeholders
3.Workshop to review options
4.Final report with action plan.

Although partnerships differ in their composition and detailed methods of operation, five core elements are essential to their establishment (set up) and continued management. The Plan offers detailed recommendations in the following areas, irrespective of whether the BCRP is within a BID or external:

1. Strategy and Vision

This assesses whether any existing BCRP is working to a clear strategy and vision by reviewing relevant documents and conducting one-to-one interviews with key partners. If there is a need to set up from scratch a strategy and vision will be developed.

2. Partnership Structure & Governance

Recommendations for effective structures, management and reporting, including model terms of reference and Rules & Protocols to ensure compliance.

3. Business and Action Plans

Recommendations will centre around the five core areas of the new National Standards for BCRPs, of which I am the author (see right).

4. Funding

Recommendations will address sustainable funding or how it fits in with a BID proposal or business plan.

5. Key Performance Indicators

It is important that the BCRP/BID establishes a number of benchmarks (key performance indicators) to determine how it responds to key issues.

Other Programmes:

Strategy Review

Partnership Builder