20 years working at the forefront of business partnerships

Consultancy Programmes

The five programmes set out below are designed to help set up and manage partnerships, or to ensure that they have a clear strategy.

The “Builder” programmes are to put something new in place, either a partnership or a strategy.

The “Review” programmes look at what has gone before and this will help to refine, direct and re-energise.

Partnership Builder

A one day programme to enable a new partnership to start up or develop in your location.

Strategy Builder

Together, we can create a “Strategy Map” in one day establishing what’s important to your group.

Partnership Review

Bringing in someone with a fresh perspective to help you look at what you have achieved always pays dividends.

Governance Review

Getting governance right can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of a partnerships performance.

Strategy Review

Taking a step back and asking if your current strategy is fit for purpose is often the basis for moving forward.

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Why you should consult with me.
" A true professional, with vast experience - a pleasure to work with at both local and national levels."

Ged Gibbons

The town centre trading landscape is changing at an frenetic pace. The last few years has been compared to the industrial revolution, as a period of “creative destruction”. Old ways of doing business are no longer as effective and new opportunities are emerging. One thing is abundantly clear, businesses working together have a much better chance of succeeding than trying to act alone.

After 20 years working in and around business partnerships, including starting a local town centre partnership from scratch to being CEO of the Association for Town and City Management (ATCM), Martin Blackwell is able to share his experience and expertise in support those looking to grow business either by setting up a new group or building on an existing one.

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